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What is Core GPA???

What is Core GPA? How is this calculated? Am I taking courses that will count towards my final Core GPA? What is a sliding scale? These are all valid questions to ask as you navigate the NCAA recruiting landscape and assess your academic eligibility. Our counseling center at Webster Groves High School has extensive knowledge in NCAA academic eligibility requirements and have put numerous student-athletes on track to fulfill their collegiate playing dreams. In conjunction with their guidance and the information listed below, you will have insight on how the calculations work. 

The core courses used to calculate Core GPA consist of English, Math, Natural Sciences (chemistry, biology, physics, etc...) and Social Sciences (history, geography, government, etc...). Yet, just because you take a core course does not necessarily mean it will count towards your Core GPA. While our counseling office will assist with the class scheduling and getting you in the proper classes, here's a link to the NCAA accepted courses at Webster Groves High School (Core Course Finder). In addition to the normal core courses listed above, you will also need eight semesters of additional core courses, that you can find in the Core Course Finder link. These courses consist of, but are not limited to Foreign Languages, Health Courses and liberal arts classes. 

The final Core GPA is calculated by taking the number of Core Course Quality Points and dividing that by the number of grades received. The Core Course Quality Point Scale is as follows: A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0. As you can see, the more A's and B's you receive, the higher your Core Course Quality Points will be and the higher your Core GPA will be. 

Division I and Division II use a sliding scale to match SAT/ACT scores and core-course grade-point averages to determine eligibility. The sliding scale balances your test score with your GPA. If you have a low test score, you need a higher Core GPA to be eligible. If you have a low Core GPA, you need a higher test score to be eligible. Please see the links below to a Division I Core GPA with Sliding Scale and Division II Core GPA with Sliding Scale. Hope this helps on your journey! Do not hesitate to contact the counseling office or activities office for more information! Go Statesmen! 

Division I Core GPA Calculator with Sliding Scale

Division II Core GPA Calculator


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