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NCAA Eligibility Center Checklist


If you need NCAA Eligibility Center guidance, you are in the right place! The certification process to competing in Division I or Division II NCAA Athletics starts here. The following bullet points will help you navigate the Eligibility Center and provide information on what to expect. Please be sure to follow the directions carefully and fill out the information to the best of your knowledge.


Utilize a Valid Student Email

  • To register, you need a valid email address that you check regularly and will have access to after high school. The NCAA Eligibility Center uses email to update you about your account throughout the process. Please note: If you have a sibling who has previously registered, you will need to use a different email address than the one in your sibling’s account.

Complete Basic Student Information

  • This includes information such as your date of birth, primary and secondary contact information and address.

Complete Basic Student Education History

  • You will be asked to provide details about all secondary and high schools and additional programs you have attended in the United States and internationally. Be sure to include all schools, regardless of whether you received grades or credits from that school or not. If you attended ninth grade at a junior high school located in the same school system in which you later attended high school, do not list your ninth-grade school.

Complete Student Sports Participation History

  • In this section, you’ll select the sport(s) you plan to participate in at an NCAA school. For Certification accounts, we will ask you to provide details for any expenses or awards you received, any teams you have practiced or played with, or certain events in which you participated. We also ask about any individuals who have advised you or marketed your skills. This information helps the NCAA Eligibility Center certify your amateur status when requested by you or an NCAA school.

Complete Payment from Certification Account  

  • Your Certification account registration is complete only after the registration fee is paid (or upon submission of a fee waiver, if you are eligible). You may pay online by debit, credit card or e-check. The registration fee for students in the United States, U.S. territories (includes American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands) and Canada is $90. The fee for all other international students is $150. Profile Page accounts do not have a fee.


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